Best guitar duet book ever

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Herausgeber Michael McCartney
2 Gitarre


Twinkle twinkle little star (traditional)
The butterfly (spanish folk song)
Theme from the new world symphony (Dvorak)
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (aus Mary Poppins)
The lonely goatherd (aus Sound of music)
Pavan (Susato)
Galliard (Susato)
Zum gali gali (israeli song)
My favourite things (aus Sound of music)
Chim chim cheree (aus Mary Poppins)
Turkey in the straw (american folk song)
Somewhere out there (Horner)
Scarborough fair (english folk song)
Happy birthday
Mamma mia (Abba)
Walzer (Sor)
Blue monk (Th.Monk)
The peony (aus Ungar.Kinderlieder von R.Sugar)
Give to us, give to us (ausUngar.Kinderlieder von R.Sugar)
Light my fire (J.Morrison)
Larghetto aus Les cinq doigts (Strawinsky)
Vivo aus Les cinq doigts (Strawinsky)
Ev´rybody wants to be a cat (aus Aristocats)
Tears in heaven (Clapton)
Hornpipe aus Wassermusik (Händel)
Kleines Duo (Carulli)
Secret Song No 3 aus Six Secret Songs (Maxwell-Davies)