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33 Melodien für Anfänger
Herausgeber Spanhove Bart
Sopranblockflöte / inkl. CD

Inhalt : A Piece of Cake
Big John & Little John
In Plantona Saxiona
Stepping Up
On Holiday
Children's Medley
Triple Jump
Oom Pah Pah
The Long Road Home
Polka Da Capo
Mister 100
On Two Strings
Party Hats
London (Nearly) Burning
Kol Dodi
Under the Large Toadstool
Twinkle, Twinkle
A Little House for Three
Hungarian Melody
Silent Sorrow
The Minstrei
A Little Concert
I Saw Two Bears
Boatman, Will You Ferry Me Across?
By the Piano
March from Peasant Cantata
The Old Minuet
Barrel Organ
Queen Mary
Spring Song